Matrimony is a hallowed rite of virtually every religion and culture. The sacred commitment of marriage forms the basis of a stable family, a fundamental building block of any society. Thus, vows taken by the bride and groom build a foundation, not only for their own union, but contribute to that of the community as a whole.

Scientologists recognize marriage as a part of the Second Dynamic (of the Eight Dynamics of existence). The Second Dynamic includes sex, procreating and the raising of children.

Marriages are consecrated in the Scientology religion using one of several different wedding ceremonies with varying degrees of formality. Each of these ceremonies includes traditional vows of loyalty and devotion. Read one of the Scientology wedding ceremonies.

Scientology wedding ceremonies are performed by a Scientology minister with similar protocol to weddings in other churches: the bridal procession, the traditional role of the parents of the bride, best man, matron or maid of honor and the traditional seating of respective families and friends. 

Above all, Scientology weddings are joyous celebrations of the new union.

Scientology contains practical tools that can help any marriage or relationship. The Scientology marriage ceremony itself stresses the very factors that can ensure a successful relationship. These factors are Affinity, Reality and Communication—the component parts of Understanding. This is a fundamental principle of Scientology.

The concept of A-R-C is represented by a triangle. Scientologists refer to it as the ARC Triangle (pronounced “A-R-C Triangle”). The first corner of the triangle is called affinity. The word here is used to mean “love, liking or any other emotional attitude.” 

The second corner is called reality. Reality could be defined as “that which appears to be.” It is, fundamentally, agreement. We agree with each other as to what is real and what is not real. 

The third point is communication. In understanding the composition of human relations, communication is more important than affinity and reality.

These three corners of the triangle interrelate in that you cannot raise or lower one corner without affecting the others. In other words, without a high degree of liking and without some basis of agreement, there is no communication. Without communication and some basis of emotional response, there can be no reality. Without some basis for agreement and communication, there can be no affinity.

Considered together, affinity, reality and communication are the component parts of understanding.

This can immediately be seen as vital in a close relationship such as a marriage. If a married couple maintains a high level of communication and affinity with each other, they improve the existence of their marriage (i.e., its reality). If they fall out of communication and no longer share common agreements, their feelings for each other will lessen and ultimately there will be no marriage.

Fundamental principles of Scientology such as these provide the couple with practical information to assist them in a successful relationship.